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March 20, 2023

Best Golf Courses Near Fort Myers Beach

Florida is a paradise for golf enthusiasts. With its warm climate and stunning scenery, the area offers some of the best golf courses in the state. From challenging greens to breathtaking views, Fort...

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March 6, 2023

Owning a Condo vs. Renting an Apartment: What's the Difference?

When it comes to finding a place to live, one of the biggest decisions you'll may need to make is whether to rent an apartment or purchase a condo. While both options provide a place to call home,...

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February 27, 2023

The Top Day Trips From Fort Myers Beach

Are you looking for the perfect day trip from Fort Myers Beach? With its beautiful beaches, exciting attractions, and amazing shopping and dining, Fort Myers Beach is a great place to start your day...

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February 13, 2023

9 Tips to Buying a Luxury Condo

Different rules and principles go into buying your luxury condo. This is not the same as buying a family home. There are many convoluted opinions about the pricing of luxury condos, namely how...

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December 12, 2022

Condo Moving Tips: 5 Things to Consider

Buying a condo can be very exciting. Not only are you getting rid of all of the extra work that you had outside, but you also may not have as many inside repairs to do either. Instead, you can focus...

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November 14, 2022

Top 5 Reasons Why Condos are Ideal for Retirees

As you get closer to retirement, thinking about where you want to live is important. Whether you want to stay in your current area or move to a warmer climate, a condo may be the perfect option for...

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September 19, 2022

Your Guide to Fishing at Fort Myers Beach

Fort Myers Beach is among Florida's top fishing destinations. Known for its beautiful beaches and tourist attractions, it offers year-round access to highly productive salt and freshwater fisheries...

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September 6, 2022

5 Fun Things to Do in Fort Myers Beach at Night

When the sun sets at Fort Myers Beach, the moon rises to greet the evening with food, fun, and dancing. You can be sure of a great time here, no matter where you choose to spend your night out. It's...

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August 22, 2022

5 Best Places to Boat with the Family Near Fort Myers Beach

Sun-soaked beaches and an energetic nightlife create the perfect blend of a metropolitan and Florida lifestyle within Fort Myers Beach. Being on the water is something locals and visitors enjoy when...

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August 8, 2022

The Best Dog Breeds for Condo Living

Man’s best friend has always been a dog, and when you’re exploring the beautiful, natural surroundings of Fort Myers Beach FL, there’s nothing better than having your loved one and your special breed...

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July 25, 2022

5 Interior Design Tips For Your Luxury Beach Condo

Beach luxury condos can be an excellent investment. Whether it’s a forever home, a vacation home, or a winter home, decorating and furnishing these unique residences are essential. Creating such a...

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July 11, 2022

What Are the Benefits of Condominium Living in Florida

One of the first questions you should ask yourself when shopping for a new luxury home is where you would like to live and in what type of home.  If you’re like many prospective homeowners, these two...

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