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Coastal Living Interior Design Options for Your Luxury Waterfront Condo

March 21 2019

If you want the feeling of living on the beach to surround you even when you’re indoors, consider a coastal-inspired interior design for your home and relax in the soothing colors and textures of a great day by the water.

Living in a luxury waterfront condo provides easy access to the many benefits of the beach and allows you to enjoy the Florida lifestyle to the fullest.  Bringing those benefits to your indoor style will expand on your new way of life and still provide you with an elegant and sophisticated interior design.


If you are trying to take advantage of a brand new luxury custom home on Fort Myers Beach, or anywhere the sun shines and the waves crash, you can easily begin to incorporate your interior design style in small ways throughout the architecture of your home.  Your coastal interior design can begin with small nods to the waves of the ocean in the gentle curves of the stair railing, or any of the woodwork pieces in the home.  You can also make sure the design of the home incorporates large transom windows or wall-to-wall sliding glass doors in the main living areas to let in natural sunlight and allow your picturesque water views to be the focal point of the room.  These features work exceptionally well when you pair them with a balcony or terrace so you can breathe in the fresh sea air.  Beadboard walls and ceilings will also add a coastal feel to your condo and will pleasantly blend with the coastal interior design details you choose.

Whether you opt for a soothing color scheme or a tropical pop of color, make sure the layout of your home makes it easy to create a breezy and open space to embrace the coastal life.

Colors and Textures

Sand and water are the biggest inspiration for coastal colors, but blues and tans are only the start of the colors you can choose to bring the coastal life to you.  Seagrass allows you to bring in subtle greens and yellow-greens for a soothing atmosphere, while coral adds warmer tones to the room and turquoise brings in a tropical flair.  You can also create a classic coastal design with nautical blue and pure white.  Use some of these colors or a combination of them to create an ideal coastal color palette.

Colors are a great start to your design and texture enhances them by adding dimension.  Adding rattan, sisal, abaca, rope, and other textures that remind you of the ocean will create depth and style.  Even a textured wall is a great way to bring the seaside life to light in your luxury waterfront condo.

A Luxury Condo Adds to the Many Benefits of Elevated Waterfront Living.png


While architecture, colors, and textures provide an excellent base for your coastal interior design, accessories are what bring your home to life.  There are many items you can bring into your luxury waterfront condo to create your ideal seaside space, so deciding on the direction you want to go is key in identifying which accessories you need.  If you are going for a calming coastal theme, elevate the tranquility with beach glass bottles, seashells in a bowl, and tufts of seagrass in a vase.  A cool nautical look can be created with a large anchor or a vintage sailboat hung on the wall to serve as a focal point in the room, dark blue- and white-striped throw pillows on the sofa, and different rope and pulley decorations (like a vase wrapped in rope or using a pulley with a hook to hang a picture frame).  Create a tropical look with more vibrant colors and add a large vase with tall bamboo and palms, elephants ears, or peace lily plants.  All of these coastal decor options will blend with whitewashed accents, wood (distressed wood for a more rustic look) or rattan furniture, and brushed nickel fixtures to complete the design.

Looking for a luxury waterfront condo to fulfill the coastal casual life?  Grandview at Bay Beach is the newest condominium tower in South Fort Myers Beach offering 58 stunning residences with panoramic views of the Gulf of Mexico and Estero Bay.  Contact us to explore the floor plans of our bay beach condos to find your perfect coastal living space.

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