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The Best Dog Breeds for Condo Living

June 5 2023

Man’s best friend has always been a dog, and when you’re exploring the beautiful, natural surroundings of Fort Myers Beach FL, there’s nothing better than having your loved one and your special breed by your side.  While you might have a favorite breed, living in a condo means choosing a dog that best fits your lifestyle. The good news is that Grandview at Bay Beach is a pet-friendly environment with no weight restrictions for our canine companions. Even still, some breeds are better than others for a condominium lifestyle.

Here are some of the best breeds that are built for condo living:

1. English Bulldog

english bulldog

  • Grooming Requirements: Low 
  • Energy Level: Low

They might look intimidating and aggressive, but English bulldogs are lazy and gentle dogs. They are short and small, requiring little space. Their low energy levels also mean that they are happy napping instead of running around.

Grooming them is also easy because their short coat doesn’t shed much. They do have a tendency to drool a lot, though.

2. Boston Terrier

boston terrier

  • Grooming Requirements: Low 
  • Energy Level: Hyper

Easy to house train, Boston terriers are easygoing dogs that are friendly and get along well with other pets and people.

They do need to be walked once a day, but a brisk walk or jog is more than enough to burn off their excess energy.

Grooming is also easy because they have short coats and you don’t have to worry about them drooling a lot. 

3. French Bulldog

French Bulldog

  • Grooming Requirements: Low 
  • Energy Level: Low

Small and compact in size, the French bulldog is a perfect pet to have in condo apartments. They have low energy levels and thrive best with plenty of human contact. They are easy to house train though some can be a bit stubborn.

Their short coats are easy to clean but during winters, they may have difficulty in coping with the cold (which makes living in Florida ideal).

They are also perfect as watchdogs because they don’t bark without an obvious reason. 

4. Pugs


  • Grooming Requirements: Low 
  • Energy Level: Moderate

Funny and playful, pugs are adorable companions and their small size means you can take them with you anywhere. They are easy to house-train but can face a lot of health complications, particularly breathing problems.

Pugs are also sensitive to extreme temperatures so care needs to be taken regarding this, especially during a Florida summer.

When getting a pug, it is recommended that you get puppies from a reliable, ethical breeder to ensure that you get a healthy puppy. Pugs also tend to be rather noisy and will bark at almost anything unless trained to do so otherwise, so invest in obedience school so your condo neighbors don’t end up loathing your pup.

5. Corgis


  • Grooming Requirements: High 
  • Energy Level: High

Corgis are adorable and hard to resist with their stubby feet, fluffy features, and adorable personalities.

While some corgis can be lazy, they do have a high prey drive and herding instinct, which can be difficult to manage if they are poorly trained or not exercised enough.

They are easy to train, but their high intelligence has a tendency to make them stubborn or get them in trouble, particularly if they are bored.

The grooming needs of the corgi are high as they have a rich coat, which sheds seasonally. They can also be rather vocal and bark at almost everything they see.

6. Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

King Cavalier Spaniel

  • Grooming Requirements: Moderate 
  • Energy Level: Moderate

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels take well to apartment living and are very sociable, intelligent dogs. They are easy to train and are naturally quiet; not barking unless provoked.

They do need to be walked daily to keep them happy and healthy and proper training is needed to reduce separation anxiety as they tend to bond strongly with people and can become anxious and destructive when left alone.

Grooming the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is relatively easy, but during shedding season, brushing at least twice a day is required.

7. Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu

  • Grooming Requirements: High
  • Energy Level: Low

Shih Tzus are the perfect apartment dogs because of their small size and their low levels of energy. They tend to be more than happy following you around your apartment and this will be enough exercise for them.

Shih Tzus are very sociable and love spending time with humans and other pets.

Grooming the Shih Tzu can take up most of your time if you want the long-haired look and you will have to either trim, wash, and brush their fur to keep it free of tangles or send them to the groomers. The good news though is that their fur doesn’t shed. Instead, it just grows out and needs to be cut regularly.

8. Italian Greyhounds

italian greyhound

  • Grooming Requirements: Low
  • Energy Level: Moderate

Sleek and agile, Italian greyhounds are more than happy to curl up in your lap like cats. They love to climb on high places and windows, which can result in accidents and broken bones. House training them can be difficult because they’re extremely intelligent with a short attention span. With high sensitivity, they cannot handle extreme climate changes.

Grooming is very easy with their short coats and they don’t shed a lot. 

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