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Things to Do in Fort Myers Beach FL

October 16 2019

Fort Myers Beach FL has become a very popular destination for tourists and visitors who like engaging in water sports, such as parasailing and kayaking, or relaxing on the calm beachfronts. Our little big town is a small, secluded island barely seven miles long with a fabulous beach known for its wide, sloping area that is heaped with nice sugar sand. It is located near Naples FL and Sarasota FL, making traveling easy with affordable accommodations and for the perfect in-between location to travel to larger cities for a day trip.

However, Fort Myers Beach FL alone is a traveler’s paradise.  Besides watching breathtaking sunsets and relaxing on the beach, there are a wide range of activities at different price points for people with budgets of all sizes.

Dog Beach Park

We love our dogs, and may want to bring them with us on vacation.  Dog Beach Park is one of the few beaches that allow off-leash dogs to run wildly on the water and play without getting in the way of humans. This stretch of beach could very well be the only area in the vicinity where your dog could participate in water sport activities and engage with other dogs for healthy social upbringing. Being a coastal tideland, the size of dog beach varies based on the level of water and tide. Keep in mind that pet owners should clean up after their dogs. Adequate disposal stations are available for this purpose.

Bowditch Point Park

Bowditch Point Park comprises the entire Estero Island, which is a little over 17 acres long and shares a shoreline with both the Gulf of Mexico and Matanzas Pass. The beach has been designed with nature-seeking individuals in mind, featuring 10 acres of preserve area that include walking trails, benches, and butterfly gardens. Other services in the area include BBQ grills, dry boat docks, paddle craft launches, and shaded spots for picnic gatherings. 

Cayo Costa State Park

Cayo Costa Island is known for looking exactly like it did 500 years ago, before civilization took the world by a storm. It is arguably the most underdeveloped island where visitors can enjoy the nature as it was before technological disruption transformed the shape of the land. Visitors can partake in a variety of activities such as relaxing among the oak palm hammocks, seeking wildlife in the mangrove swamps, enjoying a lunch in the picnic areas, or simply walking through several acres of pine forests. There is a large 9-mile long beach, which is frequently visited by a different variety of exotic birds.

Beach Dolphin Wildlife Cruise

Boating in Fort Myers Beach - Fishing During Sunrise at the Pompano Inlet 

If you love watching dolphins in their natural habitat, undisturbed by human influence, consider taking a tour on the Fort Beach Myers Dolphin Wildlife Cruise. All visitors have to do is sit back and enjoy as the captain steers the boat and takes you to areas where dolphins thrive. Meanwhile, the on-board biologist fills you in with relevant information pertaining to all the aquatic life that thrives beneath the bustling waters. In all, it’s an educational experience that is both fun and enlightening.  

Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach

Lynn Hall Memorial Park Beach is a beachfront park located just north of the Matanzas Pass Bridge where visitors can busy themselves with plenty of things to do. The busy park is great for family trips, as it features shaded picnic areas, large playgrounds, restroom facilities, and fishing activities for enthusiasts. Be warned though, a Saltwater Fishing License is required to fish from the shore, so make sure you purchase one before you take to the water.

Sunset Cruise

Enjoy the picturesque sunset where it looks the best, right on top of the water. The Fort Myers Sunset Cruise takes you through a 90-minute boat tour, making its way around Estero Bay and the Gulf of Mexico. Your on-board guide will fill you in on information related to all the local flora and fauna. It is recommended to sail in the company of your better half or family members to fully enjoy this experience. 

Lovers Key State Park

This reclusive jewel is studded with beautiful water, white sand, and clean facilities in serene surroundings. Visitors can participate in several activities such as sightseeing, kayaking, bicycling, walking on trails, or relaxing on the beach. Lovers Key State Park is described as the best beach in the area. It is perfect for individuals with families, although parking can become a difficult factor. 

Parasailing and Paragliding

Parasailing is a fun-filled recreational kiting activity for visitors who are absolutely full of adrenaline-inducing thrills. After all, nothing beats the unique experience of becoming airborne for a few minutes without the dangers associated with free fall. You’re essentially towed by a boat, ensuring that your airborne adventure is controlled and fine tuned. All of this makes for a more dynamic experience than what many visitors give credit. 

Trico Shrimp

The Trico Shrimp Company Seafood Market is a great place to enjoy fresh seafood. Many people describe it as the best in the world. The gulf punk head on shrimp is particularly delicious and is enjoyed over boil mixes and outstanding cocktail sources for fish fillets. All the seafood is sourced from the beach, ensuring that you get the most authentic experience possible. 

Find your way to Fort Myers Beach FL and enjoy some or all of the wonderful activities we have to offer.  Your Fort Myers Beach FL lifestyle is waiting.


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