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4 Reasons You Should Live Near Water in Florida

May 24 2021

Living in proximity to the beaches along The Gulf of Mexico can be a dream come true. In addition to the pure tranquility and peaceful living, you get to enjoy scenic views, beautiful drives, and of course the year-round Florida sunshine. After all, who doesn't dream of waking up to fresh air and the sound of waves?

Why You Should Live Near the Coast in Southwest Florida

From the obvious to the little-known, there are many great reasons to live right on the coast of Southwest Florida.

Breathe in the Ocean Air

There is a reason why you feel more refreshed and relaxed after spending a day on a beach: Typically, air that is exposed to water contains a high amount of iron, which helps your body to absorb oxygen more efficiently. Fresh air is also known to increase alertness and alleviate bad mood and stress.

Enjoy the Sunshine and Sunset Everyday

Living right along the water has plenty of benefits to those who love the beach. With quick, walkable access right to the soft sands of a Gulf Coast beach, living right along the beach gives you unlimited chances to watch the waves and enjoy Florida’s year-round sunshine.  

And, there’s no better, more relaxing way to end a day than by watching the sunset at the beach. Living near a beach provides one of the most breathtaking views of the sunset in the world. By living on the water, this is your view, everyday.

Constant Access to Activities and Amenities 

Florida is, no doubt, a place of total fun and enjoyment with plenty of places to get out on the water, enjoy Florida’s natural beauty on a hike or bike ride, or just to enjoy the beachside lifestyle at the local shops and restaurants. 

Beach towns such as Fort Myers Beach, sitting right on the coast of the gulf, are known for their beachside charm, incredible choices of cuisine and dining, spectacular views, and the one-of-a-kind nature preserves that give you a real look at natural Florida.

Become Your Family’s Vacation Destination

The draw of Southwest Florida brings people from all over the country here to enjoy the sunshine, warm waters, and breathtaking views. So, when you move here, you’ll instantly become your family’s favorite vacation destination as everyone you know looks to visit and share the wonders of the Gulf Coast.

If you’re looking for premier oceanside living in Fort Myers Beach, Florida, discover everything offered at Grandview at Bay Beach. Click here  for more information and details on how you can find your dream home on the water.  

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